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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Evolution Door

Have you seen this evolution? It has been kicking around the Internet for a bit now. With all the tricks and flips going on with the Olympic Games, this door is an acrobatic winner (minus the pink eye commentary).  I absolutely love this door and a closer look at some of the other Klemens Torggler systems makes it hard to pick a favorite. I have four sets of ugly bi-fold doors in this apartment and think they should all be replaced with a door like this one or preferably the eight panel option. I also love the screen for small spaces when sometimes you need a wall and sometimes you don't.
You can check out more of Klemens Torggler's work here. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Winter White

Boston has been looking particularly lovely with all this snow! I am a big fan of the snow and love the way the world looks clean and new with a fresh layer. My enthusiasm for a snow storm is well known. A couple years ago, one of my creative coworkers even took to diagramming my excitement as it compared to the rest of the office population. The end result was a professional looking chart, so it is official and confirmed...I love the snow. While indoors, I think an all white kitchen mimics the fresh clean vibe.

Love the clean lines in this Swedish beauty found by This Is Glamorous

This will always be one of my favorites from Brooklyn Limestone.
This fantastic renovation can be seen in all its glory here.
Yes, please. Thank you House Beautiful.

Stay warm and enjoy the snow. Check back later if you would like to see my white kitchen reveal.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Today I would like a Puppy and a Fireplace.

Oh baby, it's cold outside! Almost the entire country is under this frigid spell. Every news story, fb update and conference call greeting was discussing the weather today.  I actually worked from home because I didn't want to deal with the chilling commute.  As I worked from home, I stared at my attractive-but-non-operational-fireplace and wished it could accommodate a real fire. The now decorative cast iron grate and marble mantle once served a purpose as the heating source via a coal stove on the lower level. Today they just look pretty and make me wish I could have a fire.
While I'm wishing for things I can't have... I also want a puppy. I'm lucky enough to have friends who
occasionally need help watching their dogs. Kelty is one such pup who visited not that long ago.

Enjoy and stay warm!

                                Kelty striking a pose in front of the fireplace.                                                    

The weather channel's colorful map of the cold temps.
You can click here if you would like an update. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor of Love

Happy post of labor day. I hope all had a great long weekend. I spent the weekend north of Boston with some of my favorite people.  The weekend was full of fresh air, swimming, a little hiking and of course food and drinks.  It was relaxing and recharging. Now I'm back to work and back to concentrating on my place.  I really am a slacker blogger although shockingly my stats don't reflect that reality.  I'll try to be better about the updates because I want my family to see I don't live in an ugly shoebox but also apparently for all the people who check on my progress.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Boston was spared by Hurricane Sandy's wrath but my neighbors to the south were not as fortunate. In addition to the hurricane, the Northeast had our first snow storm this past week. Snow storms usually make me so happy because I love snow! ...but sitting inside my adorable warm little place made me think of all who were without power or heat at best to those who lost their homes and even family members.  I felt so fortunate and blessed to have a home that I couldn't blog about all things wonderful with my space.  My heart isn't in talking about fixing my existing space but rather thinking of those who have lost their homes. I spoke to a New York colleague who had 11 family members who completely lost their homes. Another customer I work with regularly had to take a leave of absence so that he could help his family. Many groups and charities have been collecting donations, supplies, and monetary help. Some are small organizations but other larger ones are the American Red Cross and Catholic Charities. If you would like to find out more information or donate, you can learn about American Red Cross here and Catholic Charities information can be found here. Thanks and be safe.

Scenes from American Red Cross helping some of those affected by Hurricane Sandy

Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Voyer

New England is famous for "leaf peeping"in the fall.  Lots of people head for the mountains to experience autumn and see the changing colors of the leaves.  I'm a bit outdoorsy and love fall hikes but this weekend I went trekking through my own neighborhood peeping into the homes of my neighbors. This weekend, The South End Historical Society hosted the 44th Annual South End House Tour.  I was able to see the interiors of some pretty amazing places. A huge THANKS to the homeowners who opened up their private residences for people like me to see. I'm awed, inspired, and generally giddy that I got to see some of these interiors.  These homes were all way bigger than my humble little space on this city's map.  Despite their grand square footage, they still had small rooms and unique angles that maximized their space whether it was a butler's pantry or a mud room. I wish I could have taken pictures and shared these awesome interiors, but unfortunately and understandably, that wasn't allowed.  I love this neighborhood and had fun exploring.  I will be on the look out for Beacon Hill and Back Bay house tours too!

House Tour 

Click here if you want to join the South End Historical Society